Good News This Year for Landscapers

​According to the 2017 State of the Industry report for landscapers, this year landscapers around the nation are optimistic that their company will see an increased growth. In 2017, the median revenue for landscaping is $291,000, which is up from $217,000 in 2014 (more than 30% growth!) Landscape maintenance remains the most popular service and most profitable–San Clemente Garden and Landscaping specializes in this specific service.

Concerns About the Industry

The one main concern that faces most landscapers is the lack of quality labor. Forty-five percent of those surveyed expressed that they were very concerned with hiring. These days there is a rising cost of attracting and retaining high quality workers. Seventy-seven percent of responders believe that a lack of good employees hinders their company’s growth. With rising wages and healthcare, this can definitely put a strain on landscapers as they compete for the best workers.

Our views on the Issue

Your local landscapers, San Clemente Garden and Landscaping, faces all these issues as well, but we are optimistic for the growth of landscaping in California. We are quick to adapt to current events, such as California’s drought affecting lawn care, and we will continue upholding the high standards regarding your landscape. Call us now at 949-528-4307 to ask about our specialized services!