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Turf removal offers both economic and environmental benefits for people in San Clemente and throughout Orange County, California. Drought conditions make using large amounts of water to keep your lawn green a problem.

To discourage this, the government has started a turf removal rebate program where residents and business people are reimbursed for the cost of removing their turf from traditional lawn landscaping and replacing it with drought-resistant native plants.

If this is something you are interested in, give us a call! We can quickly and cost-effectively remove the turf from your residential or commercial property and put in gorgeous landscaping that requires little if any, water.


Turf Removal Rebates


​After California Governor Jerry Brown called for lawn totaling 50 million square feet to be removed across the state, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California instituted a turf removal rebate program that has paid out more than $34 million to home and business owners who have removed their lawns. DWP has also approved an additional $120 million in rebates for turf removal. WaterSmart San Clemente also offers rebates for turf removals that supplements the DWP program.

Important details: To qualify for the DWP turf removal rebate, property owners must have drought-friendly plants and permeable materials for pathways covering at least 40% of their property. WPD gives property owners 120 days to complete the process. They do allow for extensions. Once the project is completed, the DWP customers simply has to take five color photos of the new yard and upload it to the DWP website along with a photocopy of the water bill for their property. The rebate will arrive within 10 weeks.

Lawn Removal Benefits

​Removing your turf lawn and replacing it with drought-tolerant landscaping made up of native and California-friendly plants will save precious water and foster the growth of California’s native wildlife. This type of landscaping takes much less work and little water to maintain. Your outdoor garden will be just as beautiful, but not nearly as thirsty. Some common replacement plants include lavender, rosemary, salvia and a number of attractive succulents. These plants are great for the environment, look amazing and create a fragrant smell that people love.

Knowledge and Experience

At San Clemente Garden and Landscaping,   we’re known as premiere landscaping experts because of our experience, customization, professionalism, efficiency, integrity and extensive knowledge of the soil in Orange County and the plants that thrive in the local climate.

We are a family-owned company that’s been providing premium landscape maintenance services in Southern California for over 40 years. We have the team, tools, skills and equipment to quickly handle your turf replacement project and leave your residential or commercial property looking great and saving money while protecting the environment and California’s limited water resources.


Call Today!


All it takes is one call to begin the turf removal process. We will look at your property and give you several recommendations on what you should do once your turf is removed. Once you make your choice, it will take a week or

two to remove your turf and create a new stunning landscape. Let us know that you are interested in the turf removal rebate and we will also ensure you qualify it! Call us today to get the process started.

​San Clemente Garden and Landscaping has the experience, resources, and manpower to complete your turf removal services on time and within budget. To know how we can further improve the appearance of your outdoor areas, please contact us at 949-528-4307 for a free consultation about Orange County landscaping!




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