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Our Orange County-based company provides quality irrigation system upkeep and maintenance services. Whether you need to have a broken sprinkler repaired or an existing irrigation system updated, rest assured that we get the job done right away. Our dedication to

providing quality service and exceeding customer satisfaction has made us the leading choice when it comes to irrigation repair services in Orange County.

We are currently servicing the areas of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, and Dana Point. Our team is composed of fully trained and licensed irrigation professionals who undergo continuous training so they can remain on top of their field. We pride ourselves on providing prompt, reliable, and efficient service.



Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance Company

Your sprinkler system could be your landscape’s lifeline during California’s hot summer months. The sweltering days can take a toll on your lawn and softscapes, which is why it is important that your sprinkler system is in a great condition. Having a carefully designed and well-maintained irrigation system will help sustain your garden’s beauty and vitality.


San Clemente Garden and Landscaping can help you achieve this with our irrigation services. We are committed to helping you achieve a lush, green, and healthy lawn by providing you with high-quality irrigation services. Our irrigation specialists can come over and audit your current irrigation setup to check for leaks and damages, and verify that all sprinkler heads are properly aligned.

We will make sure that your landscape is receiving the right amount of water to stay healthy. We will guide you to the best irrigation systems that will help you during times of drought and will save you water and money. We also do quick fixes on sprinkler heads, sensors, and valves.


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Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance Company

Your landscape is an essential part of your property. A well-maintained irrigation system is a great way to protect this investment and will ensure a beautiful and healthy turf no matter what the season is. Rest assured that our team of experts can help you achieve an efficient, well-performing, and cost-effective sprinkler system. We can create an irrigation system that conserves water as well as preserve soil structure and nutrients.

At San Clemente Garden and Landscaping, we’re changing the way people experience their outdoor space. Please give us a call at 949-528-4307 for a free consultation with an irrigation specialist!

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